Sterile wet Eye Wipe-with TEA TREE OIL

Short Description

Wecare is a Manufacturer of all types of Wet Wipes.

Magictissue Sterile Wipes


1 Box contain 14 individual Sterile Wipes ( comes in 20 individual Sterile Wipes also )


Expiry Date-2 Years


We can also  customize your brand as per your requirement.


Wecare is manufacturer of all types of wet wipes like antibacterial wet wipes, disinfection wet wipes, canister wet wipes, alcohol wet wipes, refreshing wet wipes, lemon wet wipes, lavender wet wipes, alovera wet wipes, make up remover wet wipes, facial wet wipes, Morning well wet wipes, B+Ve Wet wipes, Volvo wet wipes, buses wet wipes, flight wet wipes, kitchen wet wipes, surface wet wipes, cleaning wet wipes, sterile eye wipes, sterile mother wipes, sterile neonatal wet wipes, adult wet wipes, bath wipes, body wet wipe and many more.

We can customize your brand as per your requirement.

Wecare know as good quality and low prices.


Useges-    hospital, home, offices, saloons, spa, medical sector, export,restaurant, hotels, flight, Volvo buses etc

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